About the Album

This album is an offering unto God for all He has endowed me with to bless the world He created. “Yes to Your Will” is the cry of my heart for the grace of God to help me fulfill His will, as I know that I need Him to make that happen.

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peace jones

Peace Jones is a child of God. A masterpiece of God’s grace and mercy, a worshiper with a great appreciation for music, and the Word. She is passionate about raising pillars, helpers of destiny who understand and seek to walk in, and fulfill purpose. Those who make things work in the limelight or behind the scenes; raising an army of secure and selfless people who abide and in turn influence others to abide in Christ. 


“God created every one with a purpose, He also gave us various spiritual gifts to help us fulfill purpose. Everyone is gifted differently and embedded in these spiritual gifts is the grace that helps us fulfill purpose.”

– Peace Jones

“It is my desire and prayer that as we interact on this website, God will open your eyes to know, understand and grow in the grace  apportioned to you to not only run the race, but finish strong.”

– Peace Jones


About the pillar

The Pillar is a book that shows how our efficacy lies in the understanding of purpose, confidence in that identity, and the dignity in carrying out each designated assignment through healthy interactions.

In other words, understanding why God created us, and knowing how to  take care of ourselves, and nurture our spirits while doing life with others, enables us  fulfill the will of God efficiently and effectively.

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the Ponder with peace blog

These blogs are pieces of my meditations on God’s words and life experiences. We live in a fast paced world where we jump to conclusions and make judgments that may be at the face value of our experiences and most of the time, our perspectives and opinions will change if we see them through the lens of God. He alone knows all things at all times, every time. We can gain His truth over our feelings if we ponder in His presence.

Fig Leaves in Friendship

Fig Leaves in Friendship

“Well, I was only trying to help you!” imagine a little girl who always wore her shoelaces loose, and each time you saw her, you would help tighten the shoelaces. Whenever you tied those laces though, the kid cried and cried.  Now when the kid sees you, she hides...

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Getting Rid of the Fig Leaves!

Getting Rid of the Fig Leaves!

I have been pondering over certain things in recent times and one that tops the list for me is the fact that man has remained the same from the time of Adam in the garden till now. You see, when you take milk from goats and cows which is dairy, and process it into...

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