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about peace

Peace Jones is a worshipper with a great appreciation for music and stories. She loves to write on paper, as well as on lives through mentorship. She is passionate about raising helpers of destiny; Pillars who make things work behind the scenes. Selfless, yet secure.


Peace took a liking to singing when she was just a little girl and got more passionate about it while in college. She became a member of a band, and eventually went on to record albums. Today, she uses her gift to uplift people, and also leads worship in her local church and around the world. She is only just beginning to scratch the surface of the many possibilities that lie within her voice.


about the pillar

The Pillar is a timely reminder that though life may throw many things at us that try to define, or impact the way we see and do things, or how we feel about ourselves, we have the responsibility to stay true to who God created us to be, and to do what He has assigned us to do. 

What’s on my mind

As they say, we all need motivation everyday. The same way we need to shower everyday.

Life happens on a daily basis, and as such, inspiration is needed to keep our thoughts purified and our minds encouraged. This is why I’ll always share what’s on my mind, because life is never about perfection but about the effort and the will to do better as we know better. Keep moving and never quit until you win!

Fig Leaves in Friendship

Fig Leaves in Friendship

“Well, I was only trying to help you!” imagine a little girl who always wore her shoelaces loose, and each time you saw her, you would help tighten the shoelaces. Whenever you tied those laces though, the kid cried and cried.  Now when the kid sees you, she hides...

Getting Rid of the Fig Leaves!

Getting Rid of the Fig Leaves!

I have been pondering over certain things in recent times and one that tops the list for me is the fact that man has remained the same from the time of Adam in the garden till now. You see, when you take milk from goats and cows which is dairy, and process it into...

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