About Me

Peace Jones is a spirited worshiper of Yahweh. She has a passion to see lives and ministries helped into becoming and blossoming in that which God intends for them.

She derives joy from helping others be more effective in fulfilling their God-given purpose. As an ordained minister herself, she teaches the word of God with simplicity and clarity. She loves to intercede and worship.

She earned her first degree in Linguistics from the University of Jos, Nigeria, and also studied Music Business Management at Stylus College of Music and Sound Technology in New Westminster, British Columbia. The former Banker, Confidential/Personal Secretary, is a recording artist with an album and a single to her credit.

She is married and blessed with three children and ministers out of Canada where she currently resides.

“God created every one with a purpose, He also gave us various spiritual gifts to help us fulfill purpose. Everyone is gifted differently and embedded in this spiritual gifts is the grace that helps us fulfill purpose.” 

“It is my desire and prayer that as we interact on this website, God will open your eyes to know, understand and grow in the grace  apportioned to you to not only run the race, but finish strong.”

The way God sees you…

The way God sees you transcends every other view. (Opinions of men are so fickle) You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Keep this picture and receive the grace and move forward in life.

You are special, uniquely designed…

You are special, uniquely designed and very valuable. Things you’ve been through don’t define who you are yet they may shape your perception and invariably you.  Time reveals the purpose of pain and with time even broken hearts can mend.
Patience is a virtue that will carry you through. It is a long term investment that yields great dividends. Hold on, in a little while, you will see that you are stronger, wiser, better. And though it was meant for evil, it worked out for good.